The M.A. degree program offers a comprehensive course of study in Russian literature, language, and culture. A required set of courses (in advanced language, theory and methodology, and history) provides the core of foundational knowledge in the discipline. M.A. students are then free to choose literature courses offered by the Slavic department at both the 500- and the 400-levels, plus courses of related interest that are offered by other departments at UIUC, such as the Program in Comparative and World Literature , the History Department , the English Department , and the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center , among others. The M.A. program is generally four semesters long and culminates in an M.A. written exam.

The degree program is designed for students who wish to continue to the Ph.D. in Slavic; however, the program’s concentration on Russian language, literature, and culture makes it possible for students to pursue an M.A. degree only. Other concentrations and individualized programs may be arranged in consultation with the Graduate Advisor and relevant faculty.

An M.A. or equivalent is required for admission at the doctoral level.

Coursework Requirements

Examination requirement