Every semester, the Slavic department offers language placement in BCS, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. 

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The language placement test is diagnostic and does not require preparation or registration. You must bring your student ID to the test. It is a 2-hour written test that covers the first and second years of language instruction (equivalent of 101,102, 201, 202), including grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Students who place "beyond" the 4th semester of the language fulfill their college foreign language requirement. Please be advised that a placement/proficiency exam may only be taken once in a given language. Students will not be permitted to retest in the same language. Students who are interested in majoring/minoring in Slavic languages or taking higher level courses should contact

The Slavic department no longer offers retroactive credit for language courses.

The Slavic department does not currently offer courses in Belorussian, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian, and does not offer the placement exams for these languages. Please contact the International Studies Building (333-6104) to learn whether these languages are possibly available elsewhere on campus or at the University of Illinois campuses. 

For any questions regarding language placement, please contact the Department's Language Program Coordinator, Laura Davies Brenier,