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Compilations of resources:

NYU's Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia has compiled an extensive list of resources, including scholarly books, fiction and nonfiction, journal articles, lectures, and podcasts on the topic.

MLA's Antiracist teaching resources page

Hilah Kohen's Twitter thread of resources.

Articles on diversity in Slavic:

"Is Slavic ready for Minorities?" by Jennifer Wilson
"Race, Diversity, and Our Students in Russia" by B. Amarilis Lugo De Fabritz

News and analysis of race issues in the US, Russia, and our region:

"How the Red Square Black Student Protest of 1963 Went Down"
"The Ties that Bind: Black Lives Matter, Ukraine’s Euromaidan, and the Realities of European 'Integration'” on Krytyka.
"Russia, George Floyd, and the end of the imaginary West" on openDemocracy.
"George Floyd, 'Brat 2' and Russian Depictions of African Americans" on The Moscow Times.
"Racism in Russia: Stories of prejudice" on BBC.
"'Stop calling me Murzyn': Black Lives Matter sparks linguistic debate in Poland" on Notes from Poland.