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Job Prep Course

Job Prep Course

            There are majors that prepare graduates for specific jobs, but there are also thousands of jobs, and new ones created every day, for which there is no college major. How can you prepare for those jobs, and for a career path that will likely involve a number of changes? A liberal arts major, like Slavic Studies, is a very good start.

            The critical thinking, interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, and problem solving skills you develop are in demand by employers. But showing them the paper you wrote on nature similes in Tolstoy’s War and Peace won’t get you hired (though it is a great topic!). Our Career Practicum (SLAV 300) course will show you how to translate your academic skills into job skills that you can discuss with potential employers. You’ll prepare a resume, research interesting jobs, conduct an informational interview, and attend a job fair. There, you’ll learn that talking to potential employers is not hard and can even be fun, because they’re interested in you and your skills. When SLAV 300 is not being offered, you can also take HUM 275 for a very similar course directed at humanities majors.

           The Humanities Professional Resource Center is your home for career advising as a Slavic major. We recommend that you begin to work with them early in your path as a Slavic major, to plan and prepare for a rewarding career after college. They can help you find a meaningful internship and a job that you'll find nearly as interesting as your studies in Slavic.

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