Fall 2020 Language Placement


Dear Prospective Students of Slavic Languages,

Given the current circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty that surrounds our preparation for the Fall 2020 semester, the Slavic Department has decided not to proctor language placement tests like we used to in previous years. The motivation behind this decision is that based on the assessment of the current situation we are not able to conduct the tests in a way that is safe both for the proctors and the test-takers. Therefore, if you planned on taking the placement test before registering, please proceed signing up for our language courses using the following guidelines:

  1. If you have no or minimal prior experience with the language, please sign up for 101. “Minimal” in this context means you may know the alphabet and some words/phrases but have never studied the language formally in an academic institution for at least one complete semester.
  2. If you studied the language formally for at least 1 or 2 years, and it is a recent experience (i.e., not 2 or more years ago), please sign up for 201.

If during the first two weeks of classes it turns out that you’ve registered for a class that is either too difficult or too easy, the instructor will help you to determine your level based on observation and/or a brief interview. If your situation differs drastically from the scenarios outlined here, please contact Dr. Roman Ivashkiv at roman904@illinois.edu.

  1. If you are a heritage learner of Russian (which means that Russian is spoken at home or in the family or that you were born in a Russian-speaking country or lived there for a rather extensive period of time as a child), please consider the heritage section (A) of RUS 201. For all the other languages, please contact Dr. Roman Ivashkiv at roman904@illinois.edu.
  2. If you are interested in learning a Slavic language at a higher level (e.g., 3rd or 4th year) or if you are a graduate student, please contact Dr. Roman Ivashkiv at roman904@illinois.edu for UKR and RUS, Dr. George Gasyna at ggasyna@illinois.edu for POL, Dr. Peter Wright at pqwrigh2@illinois.edu for BCS, and Dr. David Cooper at dlcoop@illinois.edu for Czech.  
  3. If you are interested in completing your language requirement, we hope we’ll be able to offer the regular placement tests again in January 2021. Please check back on this site in early January before the spring semester begins. If you are graduating in the fall and need to complete the language requirement immediately, please contact Dr. Roman Ivashkiv at roman904@illinois.edu. We cannot guarantee a solution, but because of these unprecedented circumstances we will work with you to find one.