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Editor, Slavic Review


Ph.D. Stanford University, 1985

Additional Campus Affiliations

Catherine C. and Bruce A. Bastian Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Interim Director, Program in Comparative and World Literature
Professor, Program in Comparative and World Literature
Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Professor, Program in Jewish Culture and Society
Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
CAS Professor, Center for Advanced Study

Highlighted Publications


Holy Foolishness: Dostoevsky's Novels & the Poetics of Cultural Critique. Stanford: Stanford University press, 1992.

Russia's Legal Fictions. University of Michigan Press, 1998.

Identity Theft: The Jew in Imperial Russia and the Case of Avraam Uri Kovner. Stanford University press, 2003.

Music from a Speeding Train: Russian Jewish and Soviet Yiddish Literature of the 20th Century. Stanford University Press, 2011.

David Bergelson's Strange New World: Untimeliness and Futurity, Indiana University Press, 2019.

Journal Articles

"Real Men and Phantom Stories: Violence and Prosthesis in Soviet War Literature." Ab imperio, no. 4, 2008, p. 521-537.

"Violating the Canon: Reading Der Nister with Vasilii Grossman." Slavic Review, vol. 76, no. 3, 2008, p. 642-661.

"Ilya Kabakov and the (Traumatic) Void of Soviet History." Slavonica, vol. 17, no. 2, 2011.

"The Past as a Problem in Sovetish heymland." Lekhaim, 2010.

"Dangerous Universalism: Re-Reading Solzhenitsyn's Dvesti let vmeste." NLO, 2010.

Edited Books

Avrutin, Eugene M, Valerii Dymshits, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Lvov, and Harriet Murav. Photographing the Jewish Nation: Pictures from S. An-sky's Ethnographic Expeditions (Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry Series). Brandeis University Press, 2009.

Book Contributions

"Introduction." Jews in the East European Borderlands: Essays in Honor of John Klier, 2012.

"Marking Time: Bergson and Bergelson." Leket. Jiddistik heute, 2012.

"Bergelson, Benjamin, and Berlin: Justice Deferred." The Russian Jewish Diaspora and European Culture (1917-1937), 2012.

"Dostoevsky and the Law." Teaching Law and Literature, 2011.

"Peretz Markish in the 1930s: Socialist Construction and the Return of the Luftmentsh." Perets Markish: Captive of the Dawn, Oxford: Legenda Press, 2010, p. 112-124.

"Red Zion." Post-Communist Nostalgia, 2010.

Encyclopedia Entries

"Kosmopoliten." Enzyklopaedie juedischer Geschichte und Kultur, 2012.

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Recent Publications

Murav, H. (2021). Documentary Fiction of the Pogroms of the Civil War. In E. M. Avrutin, & E. Bemporad (Eds.), Pogroms: A Documentary History: A Documentary History (pp. 176-192). Oxford University Press.

Murav, H. (2021). The Belatedness of David Bergelson and the Soviet Project. Ab Imperio, 2021(4), 136-146.

Murav, H. (2020). From the Editor. Slavic Review, 79(4), 920.

Murav, H. (2019). Archive of violence: Neighbors, strangers, and creatures in Itsik Kipnis’s months and days. Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History, 2019(15), 49-73.

Murav, H. (2019). David Bergelson's Strange New World: Untimeliness and Futurity. (Jews in Eastern Europe). Indiana University Press.

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