Highlighted Courses

  • Mostar bridge BCS 115

    South Slavic Cultures

    Peter Wright TR 12:30 - 1:50 pm, 124 Burrill Hall Exploration of South Slavic cultures in the historically rich and complex region sometimes referred to as "the Balkans," focusing particularly on those groups found within the successor states of...
  • Polish woman in big hip sunglasses SLAV 452

    Cinema of Poland (Slavic Cultural Studies)

    Professor George Gasyna Fall: MW, 2-4:50 PM, G20 FLB 3 or 4 credits, undergrad or graduate Poland has made an immense contribution to world cinema. This class offers an examination of the chief currents of modern Polish film, including, but not limited to, the...
  • Aelita film poster SLAV 117

    Russian & East European Science Fiction

    SLAV 117/CWL 117 Russian and East European Science Fiction Professor Richard Tempest CRN 35647, MWF, 3-4:50, second half-semester Credit: 3 hours An idealistic inventor flees the turmoil of the Russian revolution to Mars and falls in love with...